The “Lawnchairs” concept was developed during our high-school years. It was around the time we were discovering the eccentricity of independent music through mix tapes and college radio. We wanted to be one of those unique independent bands that didn’t use traditional song structures, instruments, or generic melodies. It was meant to encourage full group participation; there was to be no lead-man, no boundaries, no genre. Like most high-school ideas it went absolutely nowhere.

I picked up an interest in audio production in college and began producing really horrible songs with drum machines and computer samples. I called the album Precious Bodily Fluids, and printed a handful of CD's under the band name "The Lawnchairs". Though it was officially the first Lawnchairs release it won't be posted on this site, or any other site. Most of you wouldn't be able to make it all the way through the album anyway.

Ian and my brother, Michael, joined later and helped to define a set style that was both unique as well as listenable. This was the real beginning of the band. It was Ian that gave The Lawnchairs its heart, and it was Michael that defined the bands tranquil, experimental sound. While things were clearly different from the original high-school concept, the acoustic/digital/minimal/maximal art experience was close enough for me to call it "The Lawnchairs".

We write, record, mix, and master everything. We create all of the artwork and print the CDs ourselves. We give our music away for free. We probably always will.


Ian Corey Bennett

Ian played guitar, bass, piano, and sang vocals for all of the Lawnchairs albums.

Charles Lee Steidle

Charles programmed most of the drums, synths, and tried his hardest to properly mix everything. He also wrote a lot of the piano riffs and provided moral support and some artwork.


Michael George Steidle

Michael has provided much of the environmental noises, samples, piano, as well as
lyrics for many of the songs.



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