A Collection of Old and New Sounds

01 - Waiting
02 - An Asteroid At Any Time
03 - Last Sound
04 - Somatic Intro
05 - Your Spilling Eye
06 - Butterfly
07 - Space
08 - Don't Give Up
09 - Moth
10 - Blackout
11 - Generic Feeling
12 - Hey Baby
13 - Hold
14 - Lions on the Loose
15 - The Swarm

16 - Generation Y
17 - Somatic Outro

97.8 megs

This is a collection of Lawnchairs tracks from different years. It's not meant to be a "hits" album, so much as a collection of Ian's songs.
It was difficult to pull together a cohesive, flowing experience because the volumes and instrumentation differ greatly between releases, but I did my best.  We've created this list keeping in mind the tracks Ian liked, the tracks that the band as a whole liked, and which were most referenced in the feedback that we received.

"Space" and "Hold" were taken off of an e.p. that Ian wrote and recorded on his 4-track in college. These aren't technically Lawnchairs songs, but in time they probably would have been re-recorded in the Lawnchairs style.

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2008 Album Info                download full album 94.2 megs .zip
A Collection of Old and New Sounds
2007 Album Info                download full album 97.8megs .zip
The Swarm
2005 Album Info                download full album 52.5 megs .zip
Discount Space Launch
2004 Album Info                download full album 52.8 megs .zip
The Moth and Other Tales
2003 Album Info                download full album 31.7 megs .zip
2002 Album Info                download full album 48.3 megs .zip

Recommended Tracks:

download “Last Sound” 10.4mb
download “Waiting” 5.83mb
download “Generation Y (Drummy mix) ” 7.69mb
download “The Great Robotra (Dance Mix)” 8.65mb
download “Your Spilling Eye” 6.15mb
download “Generic Feeling” 4.99mb

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