The Swarm

01 - Song 1
02 - Waiting
03 - Hey baby
04 - The Swarm
05 - Accident
06 - Black Out
07 - July 31
08 - Don't Give Up
09 - Butterfly

52.5 megs

Swarm has its problems. Ian and I kept pulling the sound quality in different directions. I wanted to maintain the "Lawnchairs" sound, and Ian wanted something that was more of an electronic pop sound. The lyrics became simplified and more introspective. We both made comprimises, and I think we were both disappointed.

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2008 Album Info                download full album 94.2 megs .zip
A Collection of Old and New Sounds
2007 Album Info                download full album 97.8megs .zip
The Swarm
2005 Album Info                download full album 52.5 megs .zip
Discount Space Launch
2004 Album Info                download full album 52.8 megs .zip
The Moth and Other Tales
2003 Album Info                download full album 31.7 megs .zip
2002 Album Info                download full album 48.3 megs .zip

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