01 - Intro
02 - Lions on the Loose
03 - Broken Piano
04 - Your Spilling Eye
05 - The Empty Space
06 - Air is Formaldehyde
07 - Snakes at the Bottom
08 - I Can't Remember
09 - Not What You Think
10 - Outro

48.3 megs

Somatic was recorded in separate pieces in separate residences, and stiched together in post-production. Because of this experimental recording style most of the songs have no standard structural elements and only a few have lyrics. I won't lie, it is only partly listenable. It was a fun little exercise and an interesting musical foundation for future albums.

This album was recorded with a 15 dollar mic and mixed with a 30 dollar audio program.

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2008 Album Info                download full album 94.2 megs .zip
A Collection of Old and New Sounds
2007 Album Info                download full album 97.8megs .zip
The Swarm
2005 Album Info                download full album 52.5 megs .zip
Discount Space Launch
2004 Album Info                download full album 52.8 megs .zip
The Moth and Other Tales
2003 Album Info                download full album 31.7 megs .zip
2002 Album Info                download full album 48.3 megs .zip

Recommended Tracks:

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download “Generic Feeling” 4.99mb

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